VR Experience

An end-to-end journey beginning with basics such as how to put on the headset and hold the controller to a custom developed application that took 8 CEOs up the mountain and challenged their inner motives.  

YPO | St. Louis

"There is no group that wants to see into the future more than this one, so if you can do it, we will buy each participant a headset and you can give a experience over VR."


Travis Liebig | President of St. Louis Bank + YPO Forum


Like seeing your 1st Computer

Problem Statement

Our 1st group was comprised of CEOs that are running companies and don’t have time to explore new technologies.
VR is going to be massively disruptive, first movers will have a tremendous advantage. But the technology isn’t there yet, to truly understand where it is going you need a guide. Our goal was to introduce it so to realize it is more than a toy, it is the future.
The group was on a retreat and so they also wanted to have an experience that helped them bond, explore new ways of thinking and be entertained during this short break away from their typical responsibilities. 


What we did

Demonstrate how VR technology could impact their businesses in the future and create an environment to talk about the social implications of this radical new medium.


Procured and updated eight headsets so that they were ready to be used from the moment they were put on. We then organized the top experiences within the headset, something that is not being done which leaves most people overwhelmed.


Developed a training program to quickly orient users.

Developed a set of experiences to demonstrate capabilities of the headsets.


Created a world specifically for the CEOs that offered them both a visual and psychological experience that prompted hours of conversation to cap the evening of our event.

Interested in Something Similar?

If you have a group that would like to experience this cutting edge technology and use it to think deeply about our social and professional future, Articulate Ventures can deliver this for you.