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Articulate Ventures helped old and new staff integrate so that they could leverage leads, operate with higher efficiency and become a united team.

Saint Louis Bank


Bringing together the old and the new

Problem Statement

A community bank changed ownership and underwent a dramatic brand change.  More than half of the staff was new to the organization and the existing staff had become disillusioned during the final years of the old ownership.  The bank needed all of the staff to be able to articulate the new direction that the bank was headed in and had significantly higher expectations for the lending staff than the previous administration. 

The community bank hired Articulate Ventures to establish a training program that would teach each member of the lending team how to talk about the changes to the bank and fully embrace the new bank brand. A secondary goal was to empower employees to engage potential customers using communication skills that had not been developed under the previous administration.


What we did

Articulate Ventures established a professional inter-personal skills course and delivered the course in-person during the bi-weekly lending team meeting.  The course offered opportunities for each employee to practice the new skills during live sessions and utilized the bank’s messaging as practice material. 


The Skyhook: practicing how to introduce yourself and your colleagues so that others are excited to meet you and begin a conversation.


Draw your ideas: learning how to take complicated ideas and draw them so that your audience follows along, understands your message and can offer their own perspectives as you go.


The power of curiosity: create conversations that go beyond small talk, build trust and give you insights into the needs of your customers.


Symbols and history: Articulating the meaning in the bank’s brand logo along with a discussion about the value of inquiring about the symbols that are important to your customers so that you can understand their motivation, values and aspirations.


The employees took these sessions very seriously.  They meticulously prepared for each practice session, developed strong camaraderie through the combined struggle to learn new skills, and they were capable of articulating the messages of brand change in creative and authentic ways that has resonated with new and existing customers.

Travis Liebig | St. Louis Bank President

Need Something Similar?

If you have a group that you need to unite behind a common idea or bring closer to eachother, Articulate Ventures works directly with executive decision makers to develop custom experiences that will suit your team's goals.